Lain Thought on End-To-End Encryption with AP Characteristics for a New Era

17 minute read Published:

Reading encryption papers so you don't have to

The fediverse has been buzzing with talk about end-to-end encryption. In this (quite long) article, I’ll try to explain what E2EE is, what some common approaches to it are in the instant messaging space, and what I think would be the best way to use it on the fediverse.

(Note: Pictures are just there to break up the boredom. A hotel bar.)

Elixir and Postgres: A Rarely Mentioned Problem

14 minute read Published:

Or: How To Increase Your Elixir/Postgres Performance 20x With One Weird Trick

Last time, we talked about the magic trick to make your full text searches go fast. This time, I’ll tell you about another performance issue I encountered that probably also affects your performance, at least if you are using Ecto and PostgreSQL.

Here’s the story of the interplay between Ecto, PostgreSQL and the PostgreSQL query planner.